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Most tablets get upgrades...what should you buy?


All the major tablets are getting updates plus Microsoft has now officially entered the tablet market.  Each tablet has good and bad things.  The more you read the more you know....

Tablet Reviews

...but before you read all those reviews let me bottom line it for you. Here is my personal advice as someone with a limited budget and a fair amount of tablet experience:

  • The iPad can't be beat - I have an iPad 2 and use it every day. 
  • Don't get caught up in the "upgrade hype" with Apple stuff, my iPad 2 still works great!
  • Unless you know for certain that you need more storage, get the 16GB version and save $$$.
  • You now have a choice - a big iPad or the iPad mini - Go to a store and see which one you prefer.

I will mention that the Microsoft Surface tablet intrigues me when it comes to managing tablets in a Windows environment but it's too soon to buy it as a consumer.


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Hi Dan,
Do you use your iPad in "collaboration" with other Apple products or do you consider it a "stand-alone" device? If you decide to switch to a different tablet in the future, will all the files you currently use on your iPad transfer easily and completely?
FWIW, I hear the forthcoming Apple computers are shipping without CD/DVD drives-- so you're losing the ability to load your CDs onto your computer-- presumably you'll have to buy digital copies. Do you see this trend continuing? What are the implications for consumers? [This probably ties in with Kerri's previous posting about who will inherit your ebooks].

I was totally jazzed about the iPad mini because I don't want to hold something the size of a full iPad when I'm reading - currently I use an iPod Touch - but then I learned that the mini doesn't have retina display like my 4G iPod Touch does. Unfortunately, my eyes/brain can tell the difference. So, as soon as the mini gets retina display, I'm sold, but I'm waiting till then.

I do not use my iPad in collaboration with other Apple products but it's really easy to do when you use iCloud. Check it out here:


There are other apps like Dropbox that can also sync you files to the cloud and they are platform independent. This can ease the move to another tablet...but right now there isn't a point!!!

Apple products are shipping without optical drives and to ease that change Apple has an app store for MACs. You can find that info here:


It seems to me that more and more software will be delivered digitally via an app store. Windows, Apple and Android have started to use this method. It really makes things super easy. Of course, This may or may not be a good thing. It makes things available instantly, but since there isn't physical media some people may not like how that feels. It also assumes that everyone has access to a high speed Internet connection.

Thanks for the note. I did not mention the retina display in my post. For those of you who are wondering what the heck is a retina display:


If you don't want to read that article: It's the best and highest quality screen available.

It's funny that Apple didn't put the retina display in the iPad Mini. It's in a Mac Book, iPad 3 & 4 and also an iPod touch? I can help but think the reason is to build hype for the iPad Mini 2.

Oh well, I've seen the retina display and it's awesome but my iPad 2 doesn't have it so I guess I can live without it for now. But I totally understand if you can't, it really is cool!

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