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Ziggi Document Camera

Ziggi by IPEVOSCLS recently purchased a couple of inexpensive document cameras for use in our office. The Ziggi document camera by IPEVO makes a great addition to your workspace if you do a lot of presentations, training or just want an easy to use camera that can quickly transfer pictures to your PC.

If you’ve borrowed the ELMO document camera or been to an SCLS presentation where it was used you should be familiar with this kind of technology. For those of you who haven’t seen a document camera, it’s like a web cam attached to a stand. It allows you to snap photos of documents, book covers , screens on a smart phone or tablet PC or whatever else will fit under the camera.

For $89.00 this is what you get with a Ziggi:

• 2 megapixel image which is capable of producing high resolution and standard resolution images.
• Really nice auto focus.
• Up to 30 fps live video capture.
• Software package that works with both Mac and PCs.

Below is an image I created using the Ziggi.

Using Ziggi to captue live images and video of smart phones


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