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Lytro Camera

8GB LytroI’m excited to tell you about a new camera we have at SCLS. It’s called the Lytro, the world's first commercial light field camera.  That means it captures the entire light field. Your current camera only captures a single plane of light while the Lytro captures light traveling in every direction. It has a very simple design and is easy to use. This camera only has two buttons, power and a shutter release. What’s great about this camera is it lets you refocus your photos after you load them on your PC (Windows 7 64 bit) or Mac. I’ve been getting to know it the last couple of weeks and it is quickly becoming a favorite of mine because the image quality is amazing and it’s fun to refocus pictures.

I will be adding this camera to one of our gadget packs in the near future and let you know when it is available for your library to check out.

Here is a sample photo I took of my cat Rocky in his backyard with different focal points.

Rocky 1

Rocky 2



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This camera is awesome. Can you set up the pictures such that viewers can change the focus plane on their own? I saw something like that on the NPR site.

Your cat looks very nice, too, Craig.

Tim, I saw that too. I think I would have to upload a picture to the Lytro website and link to it to get it to change the focus plane. Are you interested in trying out the camera?

Sure, I would give it a whirl, as long as it isn't in high demand elsewhere. Do I need to sign up for a gadget package or something like that?

I'll send it your way next week before it is put in a gadget pack.

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