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Delete Thunderbird spam without opening it

Have you ever gotten an email that you just know is spam by its subject?  You know those subject lines that I'm talking about, like the ones that talk about pharmaceutical or enhancement items.  On all LINK staff PCs we use SpamAssassin to help keep your mailboxes cleaner, so hopefuly you never see these kinds of emails.  In Thunderbird, if you have a preview pane at the bottom part of your window, as soon as you click on an email to delete it opens in this preview pane.

So how do you delete an email in Thunderbird and not open it.  The secret comes from About.com author Heinz Tschabitscher who gives these instructions:

To remove a single message in Mozilla Thunderbird without opening it:

  1. Click on the message with the right mouse button (or hold down Ctrl while clicking on a Mac).
  2. Select Delete Message from the menu.

To delete multiple messages in one go, you can hide the preview pane:

  1. Select View | Layout | Message Pane from the menu so that the item is not checked.
  2. Highlight the desired message or messages in the message list.
  3. Press the Delete key.
  4. Make sure to unhide the Message Pane when you're done.

That's it.  Now you can delete those pesky spam emails without even looking at them.


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