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Buh-bye, Meebo!

Meebo MessengerSurprise! Meebo has been acquired by Google and will be shutting down Meebo Messenger (and assorted other Meebo projects) on July 11, 2012.

At SCLS HQ, we use Meebo Messenger for a number of things:

  • easy communication between staff around the office
  • communication with HQ staff when we're out of the office
  • for visitors to our staff contact pages to contact us via instant message (did you know that you could message us?)

If you or your library use Meebo like we do, you're probably wondering what you can use instead. Well, the nice folks at ghacks.net have put together a list with short reviews of some Meebo alternatives.

Do you or your library use instant messaging? What program do you use?


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We use it and are would be interested in what SCLS is going to use as a replacement, so we can stay compatible.


I want to add another if I can:
Mosio for Libraries (many know as Mosio's Text a Librarian) launched chat the day Meebo shut down and now has chat, email and text messaging all in the same dashboard. Patrons can access the support tabs and widgets via websites, online databases, blogs or their mobile phones.



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