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OverDrive Support Form Clarification

Guest post by Jean Anderson, SCLS Continuing Education/Multitype Coordinator

HelpIn a recent OverDrive Update webinar, I talked about two support forms. A couple of questions came up after the program that made me think I need to make a better distinction between the two.

First, there is the WPLC Support Form. You can find this form through the Help page of Wisconsin’s Digital Library (OverDrive). Anyone can fill out this form - patrons or library staff - and staff from WiLS (WiLS is the project manager for WPLC) will respond to their question.

Second, there is the OverDrive Support Request Form. This is for library staff only, and you (or your library) have to request an account from WiLS to be able to use this form (SCLS libraries can request an account here.)  Once the account is set up, library staff can contact OverDrive directly for support. This form is not for patron use. In fact, the WPLC support agreement with OverDrive prohibits this. A library staff member needs to be the intermediary between the patron and OverDrive support.

Bonus: if you have an account to access the OverDrive Support Request form, you can also access usage statistics for your library.


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