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Zoom, zoom, zoooooooooom

Zoom in MS Office
Did you know you can quickly zoom in or out of a document (Word), presentation (PowerPoint), or worksheet (Excel)? 


  • On the status bar in the lower right, click the Zoom slider
  • Slide to the percentage zoom setting that you want

Zoom in IE 


Want to quickly zoom in IE?
<--- There's a zoom menu on the status bar...

And if you prefer keyboard commands, don't forget

  • Ctrl +  (zoom in)
  • Ctrl -  (zoom out)
  • They work in most browsers!


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    Many programs with zoom capabilities (web browsers, PDF readers, MS Office, even MS Paint) will also respond by zooming if you're holding down the Ctrl key while you spin the mouse wheel up or down. In fact, so many programs have this same behavior that I usually just try it by reflex without even looking for a different kind of zoom control. This feature is usually sensitive to whether the mouse cursor is currently positioned over a zoomable piece of content as opposed to the program's menus, buttons or other controls.

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