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Sign up for an OverDrive Support account

OverDrive Support Request Form previewOverDrive now offers a Support Request Form that empowers library staff to contact OverDrive's Support Services team directly. We strongly encourage staff at SCLS member libraries to sign up for an account to use the form.

What's in it for you?

  • Advice and troubleshooting tips directly from OverDrive staff
  • Quick turnaround to assist patrons
  • Complete and accurate information

How does the support form work?
The form for obtaining technical support is part of Content Reserve, a staff-only website provided by OverDrive. Support requests are submitted by logging in to the Content Reserve website and filling out
the form. OverDrive assigns a case number to each request and responds to library staff via email. Detailed information about using the support form (pdf).

What kind of requests can you make via the support form?

  • Move holds and checkouts from an old barcode to a new barcode
  • Adjust the hold list for a patron who missed their hold due to technology issues
  • Provide steps to resolve a specific error message
  • Answer "how to" and device/format compatibility questions
  • And more!

How can you use responses you receive via the support form?

  • Copy suggested steps into an email to the patron who needs assistance
  • Use the suggested steps as your "script" for phoning the patron

What about the WPLC Support Request Form?
The WPLC Support Request Form is still available for patrons and librarians. If WPLC Support doesn't know the answer to the question, they also use OverDrive's support form to get help. Bypassing the WPLC form and using OverDrive's support form yourself may eliminate that extra step.

What about calling someone at SCLS?
We can't beat OverDrive Support at having all the answers! (Like WPLC Support, I turn to OverDrive’s support form when I can’t solve an issue on my own.) And we can’t always be at our desks when you call. OverDrive Support has multiple people dedicated to providing timely, reliable answers to your questions.

Sign up!
Request an account for your library, your branch, or yourself. SCLS will coordinate getting the accounts and provide training.


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Some of us would like accounts associated with our personal work email address, instead of a "'Generic' or shared email address, ideally checked by multiple people or shared amongst reference staff." Is that going to be a problem?

It is not a problem to sign up for an account associated with your personal work email address. We suggested using a generic email address monitored by multiple people mainly because we thought it would help provide good continuity of service for questions that may take a few days to resolve.

When you use the support form, the email address associated with the account gets prepopulated as the contact email to which OverDrive will send their responses. You can keep the prepopulated email address when you fill out the form, or you can change it to a different address if a different staff person needs to receive OverDrive's responses. (So if you are submitting a question 5 minutes before the end of your shift on the day before you go on a week-long vacation, remember to change the contact email to another staff person so they can keep working with OverDrive to resolve the issue while you are gone!)

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