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Happy Tuesday - Firefox breaks Java!

Today was going to be a really productive day! I didn't have any meetings, my phone was pretty quiet, and I knew exactly what I wanted to get done. Guess what?  That lasted about 10 minutes. It started when Brian came into my office and told me about a problem with Java and Firefox....POOF! my day was now totally shot.

Some/Most/All of you fired up Firefox today and saw this message:

Java Message
I'll get right to the point about what this message is telling you. Firefox uses Add-on software to display websites. The Adobe Flash Player and Java Add-ons are used by millions of websites. Just like all software, Add-ons need to be updated. Last night (4/2/2012) FireFox maker Mozilla decided that because there are some security issues with previous versions of Java, they would disable all versions except for the most recent version. Every Firefox user in the WORLD will get the message above if the version of Java they have is out of date.

So that brings me back to my day today. We've been looking at and testing the new version of Java, working on a way to package it, and creating documentation about what you need to know. I can tell you that there will be a step or two that you will need to do.  We plan on sending out an email on Wednesday with much more information...stay tuned!!

I hope your day goes better than mine!


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Thanks again, to the Mozilla Foundation, for deciding on behalf of their users, what is Good For Them. So, guys, you can be proud, you broken one of our corporate applications by deciding on our behalf that we need to update the JRE environment we use (ever heard about corporate applications processes, non regression tests and such stuff).

Dan, thanks on behalf of everyone at Madison Public Library for dropping everything else you're working on to take this on today.

Tana, It was no problem at all. It's important to know that it wasn't just me working on a fix. A number of us all dropped what we were doing in order to find a solution for our members. It's our goal to provide everyone with the best possible service!

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