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Guest Post - Turn your Nook into an Android tablet!

Guest post by Susan Santner, director of the Oregon Public Library

We were on vacation visiting relatives, and my sister-in-law was telling us about the fabulous chip she ordered online that turned her color Nook into a tablet. We were intrigued. When we got home my husband ordered an N2A card for me. It arrived over the weekend. We installed the chip into the back of my color Nook, and now I have an Android tablet with access to Barnes & Noble, Kindle, both of my emails, the Internet and to what is now my husband's favorite game, Angry Birds.

Product-pic32gb-base_1[1]There is a website: www.N2Acards.com. The chip cost about $45.00 for the extra memory option. It has been fun and an inexpensive way to get a tablet. I like to think of it as recycling.


Note from SCLS: PC Magazine has a positive review of the card with additional information and slideshow.


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Thanks Susan - I was trying to remember the name of the card you told me about. Have to get one of these for my NOOK Color!

Cool! Techno-Upcycling in action.

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