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Google's augmented reality glasses

As part of its Project Glass initiative, Google has begun testing its augmented reality glasses. See this New York Times article for more information. Pretty stylin', huh?

Here is a video from Google which shows potential uses for Project Glass:

Link to YouTube video: http://youtu.be/9c6W4CCU9M4

What do you think about the idea of wearable computing? How might this impact libraries? (Did you notice the part of the video around 1:03 where he's in the book store, asks where the music section is located, and his glasses show him the way?)


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At least it showed him in a bookstore and still picking up a physical book.

Very cool and reminiscent of things I've read in SF novels. I do think the vid version probably works better then the actual version will, given that a lot of the interaction with the device is voice command. Think of the things that Siri comes up with when you try to get an iPhone to work on command. Basic things work well, anything more complicated can confuse the machine. An example in this vid would be when he sees the poster for the musical group "monsieur" something and tells his glasses to make note. I don't believe that it would be able to compute what he tells it at that point.

All this said, the technology is major-cool. And I kept thinking, could you read a book on the glasses? If you were looking at a blank wall could you get the text to come up and read? Is this the future ereader?

Dear Tech Bits
Color me old fashioned but walking around in public with these on would be like saying "Look, I remembered to put on my brain this morning!"
I know I am so not cool when I think how ridiculous I would look wearing this (because who's looking anyway?), especially when you see the people modeling these who would look FAB no matter what.
I suspect people using these devises are really anti-social and probably wouldn't use a public library (although they would be welcome of course). If they need an extra brain to find our music collection, well, that's just sad (our collection isn't that hard to find).
I'm thinking of keeping historic with just our downloadable items, tweets, mobile apps, digital historic docs., and (Whoa!) e-mail notification. See what I mean by "old fashioned"?
I will check our collection to make sure we have the latest in all things Ukelele - thanks for the heads up on that!
Truly yours (and tongue-in-cheek)

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