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Be a lazy incrementer with Excel

I regularly have to have a series of numbers incremented and Excel is the perfect tool for doing the heavy lifting.

Excel_iconBasically, all you have to do is type in the first two numbers in the series and Excel will do the rest.  If you take a look at columns 'A' - 'C' below, you'll see things listed in a series.  I created each series by only typing in the first two entries in each column.  Excel completed the rest of each series.  Here’s how.

Let’s use Column 'E' as a frame of reference:

  1. Type in two things in a series
  2. Highlight those two things
  3. Note the black block in the lower right hand corner
  4. Mouse over the black block in the lower right hand corner until the white plus turns into a black plus
  5. Once you see the black plus, left mouse click and drag down the column until Excel has done all the counting that you need. Voila!




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