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Where did those icons go?

Got your seatbelt on? Firefox 10 is being rolled out Monday and Tuesday nights to staff PCs on the SCLS network.

Upgrades = changes. Here are just a few changes you'll see between versions 3.6 and 10.0.2:


(click on the image to see it full-size)

Version 10 was released by Mozilla January 31st, and it took us some research, development, and documentation to get it rolled out. Now that the groundwork has been laid, Firefox versions after this one should be rolled out to SCLS patron and staff PCs a little more quickly after they're released by Mozilla.

The Firefox upgrade includes a "cleanup script."  If you haven't already read about it (and/or watched the video), you can do so here: http://www.scls.info/technology/updates/ffoxstaff.html

----- late addition -----

Back button historyWhat happened to the "little down arrow that took you mutliple steps at once backwards thru a search and were necessary for some kinds of backwards movements"?

The arrow is gone, but the functionality is still there. Just right-click the "Back" button or click it and pull down to get the list.

(thanks to Liz for pointing this out!)



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i am missing the little down arrow that took you multiple steps at once backwards thru a search and were necessary for some kinds of backwards movements. I checked here, o mighty techbits, to see if you mentioned it. alas no. i will look further. but... you may want to add a red arrow if its there but hiding...

more on this-- coworker BL just showed me if you right click on the back arrow you can see that list of where you've been and slide down to the one you want. neat. is the arrow totally gone?

Good question, Liz-- I added that info to the post!

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