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Scalado Remove

The technical word for a person or other moving object making its way into your photographs is photobombing.  When you're photographing crowded areas, it's pretty easy for something to ruin a perfect snapshot at the last second.  Scalado has developed new technology, called Remove, that will allow you to remove people or anything else that makes its way into your photos.  Remove was unveiled recently at the 2012 Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, but it's not available yet.  It won't be an app that can be downloaded.  Instead, it will be built into the phones manufactured by Scalado's partner companies, like HTC and Motorola.

The most simplistic way to describe how the technology works is that when you take a picture, the Remove technology will actually take several snapshots.  The snapshots are compared and whatever isn't stationary, is removed.  You'll also be able to remove objects manually instead of letting Remove handle it for you.






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