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Space Cases

One of the things I like about the beginning of the year is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  A lot of the tech coverage for that week is either of the show itself or other items introduced by companies not at the show.  I enjoy seeing all of the gadgets and new technology, even for the things that won’t be available for some time yet.  (And, to be honest, the inadvertent amusement of the demos that go wrong.)

This year one of the items that caught my attention wasn’t actually a gadget per se.  It was a case for a gadget.  Normally cases are, well, kind of boring.  Sure, they might be pretty along with providing some protection but that’s about it for most of them.  Not so for this case.  To show how effective the case was, they put an iPad in their case and had it fall from the edge of space.  While I doubt any of us really have to worry about quite such a drop for our gadgets, I do admit it did make it one of the more memorable demonstrations I’ve ever seen. 

Wonder how well it'd hold up versus patrons...




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Wish I had one. 7 year old son dropped our iPad from 2 feet and broke the volume control last week :(

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