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My Magic Wand

See, Dosesn't It Look Like A Toblerone I wanted to let you know about a cool gadget I have. I was looking for a portable document scanner for my wife to use when she and her father go on long genealogy trips. I wanted one that would be easy to use and still have a good quality scan. I came across the VuPoint Magic Wand, and after reading some pretty good reviews I decided to purchase it. It exceeded my expectations in scan quality and I found it very easy to use. It’s kind of like holding a Toblerone chocolate bar, as far as the size. I purchased an 8GB MicroSD card to use with it since it doesn’t come with one.  The card can store hundreds of images before having to transfer them to a PC. It includes the USB cable to transfer the images to a PC. All total it costs around $100.00 and some change. It’s great if you’re on the road and can’t put the images on your PC right away.

Another thing I like about this Magic Wand is that it (in my opinion) does a better job of scanning a page in a book than a regular flat bed scanner because the spine of the book prevents you from getting the page completely flat on the scanning surface. With the Magic Wand you don’t have that problem; however, I found it does have some issues with paperback books, especially the smaller ones.

My wife was scanning fabric with it so she could get a better look at the patterns it was making. I thought that was weird…so I tried it. Here are some sample materials I’ve done with the Magic Wand.

Magice Wand Samples


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So you can do cat-scans with this device? Seriously, how does the image quality compare with a flatbed scanner? And could you elaborate on the problems you had with paperback scanning?

The quality depends on the speed at which you scan, a steady hand helps too. It seems the VuPoint website is down at the moment. I did see yesterday that if you scan a page in 5 seconds your quality is around 300dpi. If you take 12 seconds to scan the same page then your quality is around 1200dpi.

The problem I had with paperbacks are with the ones that have narrow margins. It is difficult to get the scanner close enough to the spine to get all of the text. You would have a similar problem with a flat bed scanner.

Cat-scans... you leave me in stitches Dennis.

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