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SCLS's Gadgets for you

A sample of the devices SCLS has to offerDid you know South Central Library System has several different kinds of gadgets your library can check out? For instance, if you are interested in purchasing an e-Book reader and don’t know which one you would like, you can reserve some though SCLS to try them out. This way you can see them in person and figure out what features you like and dislike before spending your hard earned cash.

We have several devices to choose from ranging from the popular iPad, e-Readers, Flip video cameras, and wireless laptop labs to mp3 players and digital cameras.

To make a reservation visit our home page and click Equipment under Programming Resources. Select the gadget(s) you want and fill out the request form. If you want to reserve the wireless lab the registration form for them is at the top of the equipment page. You may want to plan a few months in advance of requesting the more popular items as some are reserved out that far.

It’s a great way to get familiar with the devices your patrons are asking you about.


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