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More OverDrive Stats

OverDrive wowRemember this post from last August that discussed some of the OverDrive stats from our Jan-July 2011 comparison spreadsheet?  In it, we had projected possible totals for 2011 usage and compared 2010 stats with those projected 2011 numbers.

Well... you may be interested to see the actual 2011 totals. Turns out almost all libraries exceeded the projections!

Each spreadsheet has 4 pages (tabs at the bottom):

  • 2010 totals by library (ebooks, eaudio, video, totals)
  • 2011 totals by library (ebooks, eaudio, evideo, totals) 
  • Comparison by library (with % increase for each of the above)
  • System Statistics

Whaddya think of that?!


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