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Database and OverDrive stats

Counting db statsIt's that time of year again!

2011 Usage statistics by library for SCLS online resources  and many "Locally-Subscribed Resources" are now available: http://www.scls.info/reference/libstats/index.html. There is a short page of info about the statistics.

OverDrive checkout statistics for 2011 are also available.  There are monthly listings here (in .xls format, underneath the table): http://www.scls.info/statistics/2011databases.html#overdrive. This year, we also ran monthly usage stats for 2009-2011 for each of the SCLS libraries.  I put these reports in 2 Excel workbooks --- 1 for libraries A-M, and 1 for libraries N-W and counties (Columbia, Green, Sauk, and Wood). Once you have the workbook open, check the tabs at the bottom to find your library's information.

Why are these numbers interesting?

  • They can give you a pretty good picture of which online resources your patrons and staff know about, like best, and are using the most.
  • They might also give you a better idea of which resources need some extra mention and/or extra training.
  • And with the OverDrive monthly statistics, you may see when patrons are using the service most (summer when they go on vacation? January when they're trying out their new devices?) and find good opportunities to promote the service.

 Please contact Kerri with any questions.


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Kerri, Thanks for compiling these in an easy to read format. It is very interesting to see which databases are more popular.

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