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Day 6 - Spreading the word about ebooks

LibraryEbooksAs books shift from paper to bits and bytes, libraries still have a place providing access to these electronic titles. I was pleased to see in the CNET article from Day 1 of "The 12 Days of OverDrive" that libraries were given more than a passing mention as a source for content. ("6. Can I check out e-books from my local library?") Woohoo! When ereaders are unwrapped, I want people to think of their public library!

Ereaders and tablets should be BIG this holiday season and libraries are gearing up to play a big part. How much are ebooks and ereaders taking off? This article with ebook infographic tells us ereadership doubled between Nov 2010 and May 2011 and it's going to continue to increase.

How are SCLS libraries promoting ereaders and OverDrive?

Many libraries have a graphic and link to OverDrive prominently displayed on their website. Some have highlighted OverDrive and its offerings on their website or blog, including information about the still relatively new Kindle compatibility. Some offer tips and resources for OverDrive users (Oregon Public Library and Madison Public Library have particularly nice write-ups!).

And some libraries have been scheduling programs to help their patrons get comfortable with OverDrive and ereaders.  Stoughton Public Library has an "E-Reader Support Group" scheduled in December and Deerfield Public Library will be offering OverDrive classes. Fitchburg Public Library and Sauk City Public Library had "Technology Petting Zoos" in December (Lester Public Library of Rome had one back in October). Baraboo Public Library has an "Ebook and Ereader Informational Session" scheduled, Reedsburg Public Library is having a series of "eBooks for you" programs (the first one had 20 attendees!) and McMillan Memorial Library will host an "E-Books for Beginners" program (check out the accompanying info page!). Rock Springs Public Library's website advertises a Nook that can be used in the library and Monroe Public Library has Kindles for loan.

Looking for some info sheets to help you plan patron programming?

What ideas does your library have for promoting OverDrive and ebooks through the library?

Need OverDrive training for your library's staff? Contact Jean.


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