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Facebook’s New Timeline Format

Remember last summer when Facebook rolled out “Top Stories” and you had to reorient how to interact with Facebook?  Facebook now has something new up its sleeve as far as displaying your profile’s contents: Facebook Timeline.  Gone is the emphasis on the here and now with Timeline.  Instead, FB will autogenerate a tweakable scrapbook of what you’ve posted over the years.



There are 3 ways that your profile will display in Timeline format:

  • Active it now (not suggested until you read the rest of this post ;-) )
  • Wait for FB to tell you that it’s available and you activate it
  • FB will eventually activate it for you

There are two big things that you should know right away:

  1. Once it’s activated, there is no “undo” (so far).
  2. You’ll have 7 days to edit FB’s autogenerated scrapbook before it’s autopublished

Below is a list of (re)sources that may be of use to you as you consider the ramifications of this:

Timeline’s look and feel

Preparing for Timeline

Additional Privacy tweaks

Discussion by analysts, professors and users

Want Timeline immediately?  Click on the "Get Timeline" button.

What do you think about Timeline, either in the abstract or after adopting it?



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Personally I hate it. But for the library facebook page it might work. Are the commercial pages going to look like this too?

Ignacia, I don't know yet how the commercial pages will look. I'm waiting to implement Timeline during the holidays...when I'll have time to tinker during the 7-day, pre-publish, edit period.

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