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Day 4 - All things WPLC and OverDrive

So where can you go if you want even more OverDrive info than we provide on TechBits?

OverDrive is a project of the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium.  You can follow the WPLC blog (just visit the site or subscribe to an RSS feed ----feeds are down in the lower right of the page) and/or subscribe to the WPLC email list for OverDrive and WPLC OverDrive inforelated news. Topics covered by the email list include:

  • patron support notices and tips
  • ideas and tools for promoting the collection
  • collection content details
  • news/announcements from OverDrive
  • news/announcements from WPLC

See the WPLC website/blog for archived email list messages, links to reports, and other useful information.

OverDrive has some great resources, including their Digital Library Blog, the OverDrive Learning Center, and their newsletters. The Digital Library Blog includes posts on a variety of topics ranging from collection development and features of the digital download center website to new products and features from OverDrive.

OverDrive's Learning Center offers online training courses, available any time. You can also sign up for live training courses when they're available. 

The Online Learning Center Resources page offers promotional and educational resources which include:

  • patron training templates
  • ebook how-to guides
  • an eBook Cheat Sheet
  • how-to instructions and slideshow templates for promoting OverDrive via an electronic display board in the library (Cool! Does your library have an electronic display board you'd like to use to promote OverDrive?)

The OverDrive newsletters are delivered by email and include the Digital Dispatch newsletter which is another source for OverDrive news such as software changes and new services (things that sometimes but not always get covered by the Digital Library Blog).

Or perhaps you'd just like to follow OverDrive on social media: they're on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube!

Something I noticed on the WPLC blog today (and must have missed the first time around) was this post about an article in Library Journal, "Secrets of Ebook Success."  Sara Gold of WPLC is quoted twice, describing WPLC's selection practices and the million dollar buying pool goal for 2012. WPLC staff note the article is "an interesting comparison of trends and practices among OverDrive customers" and pull out some interesting highlights in their blog post.


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