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Day 12 - Authentication, stats, and "Home Library"

It sometimes takes an overnight
When users want to check out items from OverDrive, they must log in with their card number.  This card number is compared against Santa's list our custom patron database, and if we find their card in good status they are logged in by OverDrive. While you're sleeping, little elves...

How do we get this custom patron database?  Little elves scripts build the database early each morning using yesterday's patron data. For LINKcat libraries, this means that if a patron just got a new card, renewed a card, or replaced a card, it will take an overnight before their card information is available to OverDrive. For non-LINKcat libraries, the amount to time may vary from "overnight" to "a week or more", depending on the library's schedule for updating Santa's patron records.

OverDrive Statistics
OverDrive statistics for 2011 can be found here and include stats for the system as a whole (in the table) as well as spreadsheets showing checkouts by library (linked just below the table). This year in January, I'm also planning to run additional reports for each library which show each library's OverDrive checkouts over time.

The switch to Ho-Ho-Home Library
Right now, OverDrive usage stats are based on a patron's PSTAT (statistical code based on their residential address). If they live in a municipality with a library, their OverDrive use is attributed to their municipality's library. If they live outside of a municipality with a library, that use is attributed to the county in which they reside.

Beginning in January 2012, stats will be based on "Home Library" instead of PSTAT. By making this switch:

  • every use of OverDrive will be attributed to a SCLS library (much nicer!)
  • usage stats for all of the SCLS Online Resources (EBSCO, Heritage Quest, etc) will be determined the same way --- by the user's "Home Library"

Santa's Ho-Ho-Home LibraryBecause OverDrive is available to all SCLS residents, the switch to Home Library will not change access, only how the usage is counted. For more information about "Home Library" in LINKcat, please see the "What is Home Library?" page.


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