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5 last minute gifts for the Tech Geek on your list


Last year, I posted 5 gifts for the Techie on your list.  This year, I have 5 more cool stocking stuffers that will be sure to raise your favorite Technology lover's happiness quotient from 100101010101001 to 11011011011011010.

1) Atari Arcade Duo Joystick for iPad

Retro gamers rejoiced when Atari's Greatest Hits was released for the iPad, bringing  a ton of great Atari 2600 and arcade classics to a new platform.  However, what was really lacking was a proper way of playing all the great games.  With the Atari iPad joystick, the gamer geek in your life can relive past glories on all the classics including Missile Command, Centipede, and Tempest.


2) IcoSoku Puzzle


What do you get when you combine Sudoku with an icosahedron (20 sided 3D shape)?  A maddeningly fun puzzle that can challenge even the best math whiz out there. 

3) Mini Espresso Maker


The perfect gift for the combination rugged outdoors-type / caffeine junky in your life.  Just don't plan on making enough for the whole camping gang; you'll be waiting until Wednesday of next week for that Cappuccino.

4) Wireless Luggage Finder


If you're like me, you own a ubiquitous black carry-on, virtually indistinguishable from every other bag on every other flight out there.  With the Wireless Luggage Finder, you'll never lose your bag again!  The key chain flashes and vibrates when your suitcase is within 65 feet of your location.  


5)Magnetic Thinking Putty


I have no idea why I want this Silly Putty infused with magnetic particles but I do. 


If you like that magnetic Silly Putty, check out the Ferrite Interactive Liquid Sculpture:


It's pretty pricey but I can guarantee you'd be the only one on the block with such a cool tool on your desktop come the New Year.


Did you find something similarly awesome this holiday season?  If so, please share it below in the comments!



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