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Day 2 - Where can I find OverDrive "how to" videos?

With the addition of ebooks, ereaders and apps, support for OverDrive has definitely gotten more complicated. 

Where can you go for OverDrive-related "how to" videos?

  • SCLS's YouTube Channel.  OverDrive videos are under "SCLS Tutorials" on the right-hand side and include a video on transferring ebooks to ereaders and an iPad OverDrive tutorial.
  • BadgerLearn. As mentioned in a previous TechBits post, BadgerLearn is a collaborative learning space where library staff can use existing resources and share new resources they develop with the greater community. Just do a search in the upper right for "OverDrive" (or "OverDrive" and whatever device you need information about), or try the Advanced Search. Has your library created helpsheets or screencasts?  Add them to the BadgerLearn project!
  • OverDrive's YouTube channel. Under username "DigitalBookDownloads", OverDrive has uploaded videos and tagged videos created by other users as "favorites."
  • YouTube. Many libraries have created their own videos showing how to use OverDrive with different devices. Some of the information may not be correct for our system (like how to log into OverDrive or how long checkout limits are), but the basic info for how to install software, activate devices, and transfer OverDrive titles should hold true.

Here are some tips for searching YouTube: YouTubeSearch

  • Go to YouTube.com
  • In the search box at the top of the page, try a search using the terms "OverDrive" and "nook"  (I got 138 results!)
  • Filter or sort your results to help you find what you're looking for.
  • Click on a video to play it.


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