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Questions (and Answers) about Network Convergence

During a few of the library visits, some folks expressed confusion with regard to network convergence “even after the [August and September Techbits] posts”.  I’d like to open up this forum to find out what is unclear, ambiguous or confusing with regard to network convergence.


What is true for you, is probably true for others as well.  Consider posting a question and I or someone at SCLS will either answer you on the blog or contact you directly (depending upon the nature of the question).  Or if you prefer, feel free to call the Help Desk with your question(s). 

To give you an update, we are making slow but steady progress in converging libraries on the SCLS network that have sufficient network bandwidth through BadgerNet.  Progress is slow for two reasons.  One, we are balancing this massive project with several other projects of various scales.  Two, each library is unique. Assessing its needs, designing a plan and implementing the plan (by both library and SCLS staffs) takes time.  

One clear area of confusion is, “Who do I call for support?”

If your library has not been “converged”, you will continue to receive support like you have historically:  nonLINK support from Dan and LINK (aka SCLS) support from the Help Desk.  The exception is wireless support.  Please call the Help Desk if you have wireless questions or issues.

Once your library has been “converged”, you can call the Help Desk for all SCLS-supported devices.

So what else?  What else about network convergence is fuzzy or amorphous? 

Drag and drop for Google Image Search

I learned something cool today from a great post on the SearchReSearch blog.

You may know that Google has an image search.  We mentioned it on TechBits before in terms of searching for a book by color (which was also inspired by a SearchResearch blog post!).

But did you know that if you have a picture (in digital format on the Internet or on your PC), you can drag and drop to do a Google Image Search?  The video of how to do this just about knocked me out of my chair.  Too cool!

Click for Google's "Search by Image" video on YouTube

And... if you don't have the picture in digital format, you can always resort to Google Goggles which does the same sort of trick but through your cell phone camera instead of through your computer's browser. What and where is this?

Check out the SearchReSearch post -- if you read only one thing on searching this week, this would be a good one!

And here's an image from my vacation that you can try to identify...

(Note: I didn't have much luck with this feature in IE 7, but had good success with Firefox and Chrome.)

Happy searching!