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Increase Battery Life of Android Devices

Android phones are highly popular and have unlimited uses.  Calendars, Email, web browsing and GPS are some of the most popular functions.  Beyond these functions, there are countless apps that can be downloaded and installed.  With all of this functionality, users can drain their device's battery quickly.

You can make use of some of the suggestions made by How-To Geek for conserving battery power.  A couple of the most useful suggestions include shutting off WiFi and GPS when they are not required and decreasing the brightness of the screen.  The article has several other suggestions.MP900443121

If you don't like the idea of constantly turning features on and off yourself, there is an app that can handle most of the work for you.  The JuiceDefender app has three preset profiles for conserving battery life.  The choices are balanced, aggressive and extreme.  You can customize your own profile if you want to make sure some functions are never turned off.  The app was reviewed last March by CNET and the author claims noticeable improvement in battery life.  You can download the basic version for free from the Android Market.  It's definitely worth trying if you find yourself charging your device often.


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I installed JuiceDefender and left it at the default "Balanced" setting and have seen a dramatic improvement with my battery life. I was charging my phone once or twice a day. Now I can go almost two days before I have to charge it. This is by far the best app I have ever installed! I can't wait to start playing with the other settings! Great post Andrew.

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