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Enterprise Wireless is BOOMING

6a00d8341d32e053ef015391c11aef970bIt's been about a month since the Enterprise Wireless system became available to all of our members.  Since then we have had 20 libraries move to the new system and at least 10 more express interest. So far we haven't had any outages, server reboots or server side issues!  Right out of the gate the Enterprise Wireless system is exceeding expectations.

For those of you who are not using Enterprise Wireless we have coined the term "Legacy Wireless."  The fixes we did last week to get you up and running after Public IP folded are meant to be a band-aid until you are able to move to Enterprise Wireless.

Remember if you have wireless related questions for either Enterprise or Legacy call the help desk first and we will do our best to help you.  It's really easy and fast to look into any problems with Enterprise Wireless.  As for Legacy Wireless, that might require more time on your end.

Click Here for more info on Enterprise Wireless


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