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Copying Video URLs at the Current Time.

Do you ever find yourself wanting to send a link of a video to someone, but don't want to have them sit through the whole video just to see the one part you want them to see. For instance let's say you are watching a 90 minute youtube lecture on biometrics and would like to send someone only the part discussing facial recognition systems that starts 27:39 seconds into the video. How would you do that? Here's how I would do it. Open up your browser, it works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Play the youtube video you want to send, currently I have only found this option available on Youtube. Pause the video at the point you want the video to start, now right click anywhere on the video and select "copy video url at current time" from the context menu. Now you have a URL copied to your clipboard with the video starting at the exact time you paused it. That's it, you can send the URL on through email, instant messaging, or paste it to your facebook account.


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Sweet! Thanks for sharing. I had no idea this was possible. Here's a sample link I made to a spot in a YouTube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCbdS4hSa0s&feature=player_detailpage#t=2575s

I knew about manually adding “#t=” at the end of the URL, and then a time in the format of “1m45s", but using the menus is WAY easier.

That rocks!

Great to know about!

Thank you for fabulous and helpful information :)

Nice tip. Can I somehow decide where to end the selection?

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