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An alternative to Visio

If you've ever used Microsoft Visio, you know what a great tool it can be to create visual representations of everything from network diagrams to organizational charts.  But Visio can be expensive, especially if you don't use it regularly.

Fortunately, there's a free alternative out there called DIA (like DIAgram).  I've been experimenting with DIA and am impressed with its features, especially the custom templates that other users have created.  Best of all, DIA is bundled as a portable app, so you can take it with you anywhere on your USB drive.




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I'm not a fan of Visio, I convinced my management to move to ConceptDraw PRO. I used both Visio and Conceptdraw, second is much eaisier and less standart tool.
I often draw diagrams and they all are
tree-like so I also often use ContseptDraw MindMap, because it's faster easier to draw than in Visio.

I already work with the DIA tool. Yes i really it because i provide some kind of interpretation to my colleagues, so it helps me to share with them in better way.

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