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OverDrive Training & Format Fun Facts

Statewide Digital Download Center (OverDrive) Usage by Format
Format 2010 2011 YTD 2011 Projected
Audio 246,419 (88%) 155,981 (64%)  
Video 3,007  (1%) 1,695 (1%)  
Ebooks 30,099 (11%) 84,044 (35%)  
Total 279,525  241,720 414,377 (48% increase)*

Look at those numbers! Learning how to help patrons use the Digital Download Center is more important than ever, and OverDrive's Training Month is coming up (September 12 – October 7, 2011). This year only two courses are offered as live webinars requiring pre-registration:  sign up for "Ebook Explosion" or "2011 OverDrive Experience" to learn about the newest features and services from OverDrive. Basic how-to courses are available as pre-recorded webinars through the Online Learning Center.

To make it fun, OverDrive is offering a "Download Discovery Raffle" that you can enter after completing a course. Each course has a unique quiz that you can complete, and if you answer 100% correct, you'll be entered in a raffle to win prizes (Training Month FAQ PDF).

* If we divide the 2011 YTD circulation by 7 months, and assume the same amount of circulation for the rest of the year, our year end total circulation would be 414,377, or a 48% increase over 2010. Thanks to Stef Morrill for the usage statistics and analysis!


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