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OverDrive by the Numbers


  • 16115
  • 11% & 36%
  • 368%
  • 80806

These are just a few of the more fascinating OverDrive statistics in the recently posted OverDrive comparison spreadsheet. Be sure to check out the different worksheets for all the data.

16115. This number refers to the total number of items in the OverDrive collection right now. This includes 6012 ebooks, 9783 audio items (books & music), and 320 videos.

11% & 36%. These refer to the percentage of total usage for ebooks. Ebooks represented 11% of the total SCLS usage in 2010. Compare that with 2011 when ebooks are projected to account for 36% of our usage. Isn’t that an amazing increase? Check out the System Statistics worksheet for more information.

368%. This number refers to the percentage increase in ebook usage from 2010 to 2011 (projected). 368%! Wow - it’s hard to imagine a percentage that high. Here are the numbers and formula so you can figure it out for yourself:

29049 (Projected ebook usage in 2011) – 6205 (ebook usage in 2010) = 22844
22844/6205 = 3.68 x 100 = 368%

80806. This is the projected total usage of all OverDrive materials by the end of 2011 for an increase of 44% over 2010. These numbers and more can be found on the Comparison spreadsheet.

For a look at the statewide statistics, check out the TechBits OverDrive post from 8/2/11

We’d love to hear the stories behind the numbers. Share your OverDrive stories in the comments.


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Good, but the real comparison is 80806 compared to the total of ALL Circ physical or otherwise in SCLS. That will be a very very small percentage. Good stuff, but we need to keep things in perspective. It's the direction of the future, but lets not over commit to it yet.

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