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Dell OptiPlex 790

The new Dell OptiPlex 790 has been added to the PC order form.  The pricing is very similar to its predecessor, the OptiPlex 780, but there are some differences in its architecture.    

  • The base system does not include a parallel port.  You will need to order the optional parallel port adapter if you wish to continue using a printer or document scanner that requires a parallel connection.
  • The front side of the PC now has four USB ports.OptiPlex 790
  • PS/2 ports are included in the base system again.  This is a bit of a surprise, because PS/2 ports haven't been standard since the OptiPlex GX280 arrived in 2005.  The need for PS/2 ports has decreased greatly over the years as the majority of keyboards and mice utilize a USB connection.
  • An optional USB 3.0 controller is available.  This could be useful if you purchase a USB 3.0 external hard drive or thumb drive.  Data transfer between a PC and a USB 3.0 device is much faster.  How much faster?  You can read more about some speed comparisons at Y! Tech.  One problem with the USB 3.0 controller is that it is located at the rear of the system, so access isn't very easy.

As always, you should call the Help Desk if you have any questions about filling out the PC order form.


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PS2 ports. Anyone know why?

I reiterate Nick's question. "PS2 ports. Anyone know why?"

"PS2 ports. Anyone know why?" Other PS/2 devices used mainly in commercial environments. The one application that comes to mind is the PS/2 hand-held bar code scanner which is 1000% easier to install and use than a USB scanner. Why? No drivers needed, ever, in any operating system, because the hand-held scanner mimics perfectly keystrokes from a keyboard.

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