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Tell me about your library's digital projects

Photo of a disk held up to the light of day SCLS librarians: I'm taking an informal census. Tell me about your digital projects in the comments! I know they exist. I'm hoping to hear about projects that are completed (the content is already in a digital format) but that may not be getting the publicity they deserve. Have you got...

  • Scanned content (photos, postcards, letters, even whole books)?
  • Audio files?
  • Born-digital collections that you want to preserve (for example, gorgeous architectural photos of the library)?
  • Other content that I've failed to imagine?

Perhaps your project is living happily on the library's website... maybe it is hidden away on disks or hard drives at the library with no home on the web. Either way, I'd love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments... and thank you!


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