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Database use by your library's patrons

Ever wonder how much your patrons are using online resources like Ancestry Library, EBSCO, and the rest?  SCLS gathers some usage statistics by way of our authentication scripts. The database statistics aren't perfect (they're really more of a "ballpark" count), but they can give your library an idea of which resources your patrons use and which may need more training and promotion.  OverDrive statistics come straight from OverDrive and should be accurate.

To take a look at the statistics:

  • Database statistics by library are now posted here for January - June 2011 (lower left of page).
  • OverDrive statistics by library are always found here (links just below the table of system-wide OverDrive use).

If you have a need for custom reports (database or OverDrive) or reports in a different file format, please contact Kerri.


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