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Using Google to find a book by its color

GoogleImageYellowMonkey Have you ever run into this situation?

A patron (or maybe even you)...

  • is looking for a book
  • can't remember the title of the book
  • can remember what the book is about (generally) and what color the cover was

Turns out that Google Image search can be handy way to find books by various image attributes.  You can filter the image search by color, for example.  Here's a search I did for "Children's book monkey" where I filtered by yellow -- turns out there are monkey books besides Curious George that have a yellow cover.  Cool!

Check out this great post from SearchReSearch that covers the details (and has a lovely screenshot).


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Oh. My. God! You have no idea how useful this will be. I'm serious! Can't wait to share with staff!!!!

Yellow book cover and a snale eating itself with a eye behind it inscribed in a circle that has 4 spikes.

All I remember is I really enjoyed reading this book and that the cover was dark blue on the edges and as it went to the center it became light yellow ,then white. Then you could notice the faint Angels. Thanks for any help you can give me.

I am totally confused as to the best and easiest way to track down a book (horse Adventure)from years as there are that many places that when i look are very hard to understand how to put down what is needed to find a book-my book is childrens book with horses and also a pair of Nesting Osprey Birds in Scotland that is one thing that sticks in my mind and i ca not find the book,though i seem to recall it had an Orange Jacket (hardback)so if anyone can help i be so relieved to find it.Thanks Audrey

Book with a turquoise-blue cover with girl with olive skin tone and black hair down to her elbows with bangs she had on a purplish pink flowy tank top that went just below her waist and yellow pants

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