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Next-Gen Wifi Avaliable Coming Soon!

Are you tired of Public IP? Does the thought of rebooting your wireless server send you into a panic? Well I've got some good news for you. SCLS will soon provide our members with a next generation wireless option. Now as you know, all cool new tech stuff have fancy code names but I can't think of one. Help me name this new wifi service by position your idea in the comments.

This new system is AWESOME! It has a ton of new features, will be unbelievably reliable, and will lead us into the next generation of wireless services! Here are three really cool NEW features:Wifi1

  • Wireless for library staff with laptops(full resources to network printers, file shares, etc) 
  • Awesome reporting!  Want to see how many apple devices connected this year?  No problem!
  • Reliable. The equipment is located at SCLS so your down time will be very minimal.

What equipment do you need? Well that's a good question! You will NOT need a wireless server. I repeat, your wireless server will go away. You will need to purchase new wireless access points and the cost is not finalized. When we have exact numbers, we will let you know.

When is this really neat new service going to be ready? Fitchburg is our first site and it is already up and running. As soon as we get the back office stuff figured out you will be able to get this service. My best guess right now is September/October.

Ok, I'm super excited and want to know more! It's great that you are so excited and I will get more info out as soon as I can.  If you have 
questions please feel free to call or email me.


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How about LibFi for a name? For Library WiFi?

I would love to see how this new system works! Public IP is clunky.

Susan and I are thinking along the same lines. I thought LiFi!

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