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Looking up the relatives

AncestryLibrary Ever wanted to do research on your relatives?  (and I'm talking genealogy research on your ancestors... not looking up your wayward cousin in Wisconsin's Circuit Court Access database--- though that can be fun, too!)

Jean will be hosting an AncestryLibrary webinar on June 30 at 10am.  The description reads:

Have you seen the Ancestry ads on TV? Or seen the Who Do You Think You Are show on NBC? Researching family history is very popular, and you have access to one of the most powerful family history databases available – AncestryLibrary. Coincidentally, AncestryLibrary is one of the most heavily used of SCLS databases. Join Jean Anderson, SCLS CE Coordinator, for this program (the first of two) and explore the variety of resources available within AncestryLibrary.

This should be a great overview of one of my favorite online resources!  If you'd like to learn more (either for yourself or to help your patrons with their genealogy research), sign up here.


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