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Line Spacing in Word 2007

Have you experienced any of the following line spacing issues with Word 2007?

  • Increased spacing between paragraphs
  • More space than expected between lines in a paragraph
  • Unexpected spacing on a page

The reason for the change from what it was in Word 2003 is, as Microsoft puts it is "to introduce more white space in blocks of text, which makes the text easier to read."  The specific changes that they made were to the default line spacing which went from 1 to 1.5 and to spacing after a paragraph which went from 0 pt to 10 pt.

You can change these settings back to the way it was in Word 2003 by performing the following steps:

  1. On the Ribbon (which is the bar across the top) select the Home tab.
  2. Find the Paragraph section
  3. Click on the little arrow that points down and to the right.
  4. In the Paragraph Dialog Box that opens find the Spacing section.
  5. Change the Line Spacing to Single by clicking on the down arrow.
  6. Change the After spacing to 0 by clicking on the down arrow until it gets to 0.
  7. Then click on the Default button at the bottom of the Paragraph Dialog Box.
  8. You will then see a Window that talks about verifying that you want the changes you made to affect the NORMAL template. Click the Yes button.
  9. Then either close out of Word and open it back up again or create a new document in order to start using your changes.

All new Word documents that you create from now on will use these paragraph changes.  You can do the same thing with the font by following the same steps as outlined above, but clicking on the arrow in the Font section.

Some quick line spacing changes that work in Word 2003 and 2007:

  • To change some text to single-spaced first highlight the text and then hold down Ctrl and hit 1.
  • To change some text to double-spaced first highlight the text and then hold down Ctrl and hit 2.



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