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I am reminded...

Day 266 - Embarrassedphoto © 2009 Ken Wilcox | more info (via: Wylio)

Yesterday's post included a link to an article reviewing some of the most popular URL shorteners.  Unfortunately, the site hosting the article was dishing out some nasties this morning as identified today by the antivirus software used on SCLS PCs and also by Google  (neither of these flagged the site yesterday when I was composing my post, and the site appears to be cleaned up again and Google is no longer reporting it as malicious).  

Other than being very embarrassed about linking to a site that was clearly having some issues this morning, I am also reminded of some things by this:

  2. Sometimes even links where you know where you're going may be harmful
  3. Always be cautious when navigating the internet
  4. Consider other actions/products that may help to identify harmful websites:


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