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Badgerglasses You may already have seen mentions of BadgerLearn in Online Update with links to the BadgerLearn site and to an introductory video tutorial.

But have you been there yet?

If not, take a minute right now and have a quick peek. It'll just take a minute, I swear!

Already there are 44 items in the "E-books and E-reader Devices" category  (including PDF guides and videos)!   And there are 144 items in the "Databases and Information Portals" category (including the archived BadgerLunch training sessions)!  Sweeeeeeeet.  Our little badger is very excited to take a look at some of these.

There is also a search box in the upper right corner if you are looking for something specific (try a search for "Nook" -- and just look at all those results!).  The project is just starting out, so the content offerings should be growing. 

You can request an account so that you may log in, rate or comment on items, and get recommendations.  Libraries can also share materials with the project and staff can volunteer to help.

Won't it be great to have easy access to shared training materials instead of having to re-invent the wheel?

If you do have more than a minute (say, 5 minutes and 16 seconds...), the Introduction to BadgerLearn video is a great overview of the project.


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