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Have you heard of LibrariUS?

Image of what the widget looks like I'm a fan of almost anything involving a Google Map or a widget, and LibrariUS includes both. LibrariUS is a "journalism project in collaboration with libraries," sponsored by ALA, PLA, and American Public Media's Public Insight Network. Here's how it works:

  • Libraries put the LibrariUS widget on their websites (or link to the LibrariUS website).
  • Patrons use the widget to submit their stories to the LibrariUS website.
  • The stories get posted on a map at the LibrariUS site. (Looks like a lot of librarians have been using it, so far... hopefully the patrons are not far behind!)
  • Journalists working with the LibrariUS project may contact patrons to request their help with future news stories about libraries.

More information: LibrariUS FAQ, PLA press release.

Note: If you use Contribute to maintain your website, please let me know if you want the widget installed on your site.

Thanks to Lee at LaValle Public Library for the tip!


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