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Digital signage

Most libraries have lots of signs.  LOTS of signs. 

I ran across this post about creating digital signage on TechSoup and it made me wonder: Butlerlibimage[1]

  • Is your library using digital signage?
  • How did you implement it?  What challenges did you run into?
  • Would you recommend your method to other libraries?

When I stop in at libraries that have digital signage, I'm always interested to see what they're promoting and think, "What a great way to get the word out!  I wonder how they set it up..."  

Please leave a comment and share your experiences with your fellow libraries!


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We have had an LCD TV for about 4 years now. It is inside the library in the lobby book return area. I make slides using Keynote (Apples version of Power Point). I change it every month to tell about programs that we have, the books that our book groups are dong etc. and also include pictures from the activities that have happened the last month. I also send the slides (not pictures) to the local TV station and they pick and choose to add to their channel.

Early last year I added a 15" digital picture frame to the children's area running the same slides. (Frame was only $99 on Amazon) This year I purchased a second frame that when we do programs off site or talk about the library we run a series of slides telling about the library. Not sure how effective it is but it always gets attention.

SEQ has two large LCD screens, one in the main entryway and another in the childrens area. They both use Exhibio for creating/making signs which we have found to be pretty easy for staff to set up and edit content. We have been advertising programs, databases, and have just recently started putting up Read-Alike suggestions for popular authors.

Our library has 2 large screens running split screen digital signage (using PowerPoint) and a Dish network CNN Headline news feed with close captioning. I've put information about our setup at http://wtcpl2.org/. Is shows photos and video of our setup as well as the hardware we use to make it possible. I've also included some examples of some of our slides.

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