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Select text vertically in Word

Back in March I showed you how to only select the text that you wanted.  That selection process was a horizontal selection.  Today I'm going to show you how to select text vertically.  These steps will work in both Word 2003 and Word 2007.

  1. Hold down the Alt key
  2. Hold down the left mouse button
  3. Drag the mouse down to highlight

As you drag the mouse down you see that the highlighting is a narrow column.  If you don't use the Alt key when you drag the mouse down it will highlight the entire line.  Once you've selected the characters or text that you want the only option available is to delete this text.



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Thank you for the tip....do you know of any shortcuts for selecting non-contiguous selections within Microsoft Word (2007 or 2010)? Looking forward to your reply.
Wynn T


I tested this for Word 2007, but I would guess that it would work for Word 2010 as well.

To do a non-contiguous selection within Microsoft Word you would first highlight the first section that you want. Then holding down the Ctrl key highlight the next section or sections that you want.

Please note though, that when you go to paste these non-contiguous selections the order in which you selected them will be the same order that they will paste in.


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