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Retiring Station Numbers

In Dynix, every PC was assigned at least one 4-digit station number.  In Koha, there are no station numbers!

Ahhh---- My PC's name is MADSLAL24! What does this mean?

  • If you accidentally "X-out" of your Koha session, you don't need to call the HelpDesk.  Hip-hip-HOORAY!  Just open your browser and log back in.
  • If you do call the HelpDesk, we'll ask for your PC Name.  Not the station number.

If you have stickers listing the PCs' station numbers (ex.  "station # 4442"), you can get rid of them.  The identifiers we'll focus on from here on out are the PC names.  The PC name is normally on the PC's case on a white sticker and begins with your library's 3-letter agency code.  (Ex.  MADSLAL24)


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