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National Poetry Month + National Library Week x New ILS = Koha Poetry Contest


As we get ready to pass the last milestone and finally go live with our Koha implementation, you'd think that stress levels here at South Central HQ might be getting kind of high.  Actually, we're doing great--so great that we're finding relief in all sorts of ways including poetry writing!

Maybe you're feeling anxious as we get close to going live.  If so, I challenge you to take some time and enter our First Annual Koha Poetry contest!

Your entry could take the form of a haiku:

When Koha goes live

it's sweet, new technology 

 for all South Central.

Or maybe your talents run more along the lines of a limerick:

South Central's run-down ILS,

Caused library patrons much stress;

So the staff contacted LibLime,

and they had in no time

an ILS made to impress!

or really wow the judges with some fancy iambic pentameter:

 The Spring: brings forth a brand new catalog;

Here in these hallowed halls, a patron goes.

She'll find a book for tending of the rose,

Whilst Koha churns out circulation logs.

and that's just the beginning!  Odes, elegies, sonnets, free-verse, quatrains, the Harrisham Rhyme, cinquains, the Trois-par-Huit---All are welcome!

Though we're not offering gift certificates or dinners with Tech Team members, the winner of the contest will be known for the rest of the year as SCLS Koha Poet Laureate!

So go dust off that Roget's Thesaurus and have at it!



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crossing my fingers,
I hope for the best, of course,
but expect chaos.

once the dust settles,
everyone will be thrilled--
so many new features!

We have a new software called Koha,
which we wrote to replace one from Utah.
Great features it’s got,
we all love it a lot,
this new LINKcat just makes us say yee-haw!

Haiku for a downtime

Dynix is offline.
Into Koha, data flows.
Quiet here, waiting.

There once was a server from Provo,
A closed system with secrets we can't know.
Open source came to bear,
with standards so fair,
That closed system just had to go, yo.

Ode to a printer

Yesterday we said good-bye
You had been with us since '95.

Back in the day, long time ago,
Dot matrix was a friend not foe.

You moved so slow, took lots of room,
But rarely jammed or created gloom.

Now we've moved on, it's a new day
Koha and Turbo are here to stay!

The computer is on
the screen is blue

Koha is missing
what are we to do?

The cloud has fallen
The link is destroyed

I am hoping this gets better
my patron might implode

The updates are streaming in
SCLS is on the hunt

The links might be down
so for now I will punt

They're doing their best
to find out why we aren't online

And it's not like I never have
enough to fill my time

Whew, I can stamp my books
and push back my wilting bun

Cause tomorrow the cloud will return
and so will the fun!

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