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My brother says Twitter is dumb

I think he's wrong.  I'd say it has the *potential* to be a very powerful tool.  It just depends on how you use it.

  • How do libraries use it?   If you already use Twitter or are thinking about using Twitter at your library, check out the blog post, "How Libraries Can Leverage Twitter."
  • How does Dan use it?   He has an iPad and has fallen in love with the app Flipboard, which has a tie-in to Twitter and Facebook.  When people Dan follows share links on Twitter, these sites appear in Dan's Flipboard, formatted like a magazine.  Let's say I post a link to a great article about Kindles in my Twitter stream, and Dan follows me.  Dan opens Flipboard and there's the Kindle article, plus other articles and information posted by folks he follows on Twitter.  It's like a customized magazine, made up of the content that people he follows think is interesting or worthwhile.  Nifty!
  • How do I use it?  The folks that I follow help me keep tabs on what's going on at our member libraries and what's news in the library world.  I also have saved searches that let me see if anyone is mentioning South Central Library System or LINKcat.  Sometimes when I tweet about what I'm working on or something that I've run across that's interesting, it turns into a conversation with folks I may or may not know in person.  And occasionally, I ask the folks who follow me for help or input.
  • What SCLS libraries are on Twitter?  Here's a list of the ones I've run across so far: http://twitter.com/#!/librarykerri/scls-libraries/members.

Yes. If you follow folks who tweet about what they had for breakfast, Twitter might be dumb  (unless you're really interested in what everyone's eating for breakfast).  If you follow people who post links to interesting information, make insightful comments, and/or are engaged in their community, Twitter has the potential to be pretty cool.


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Funny infographic---"The Four States of Getting Twitter" http://andfaraway.net/pictures/four_stages_of_getting_twitter.jpg

link to the whole post, which discusses each of the 4 stages: http://andfaraway.net/blog/2010/06/21/the-four-stages-of-getting-twitter/

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