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Koha Personas for Firefox

Koha Labels Persona Here are a couple of customized personas (Skins) for Firefox that you can use to help differentiate between Koha Receipts, Koha Labels and regular Firefox profiles.

To use the Koha Receipts persona:
1. Launch the Koha Receipts profile using the desktop shortcut.
2. Browse to https://www.getpersonas.com/en-US/persona/399833
3. Click Wear this Persona.

To use the Koha Labels persona:
1. Launch the Koha Labels profile using the desktop shortcut.
2. Browse to https://www.getpersonas.com/en-US/persona/399851
3. Click Wear this Persona.

See Andrews Techbits post for more detailed information on Firefox Personas.


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We were thinking the receipts persona should have had a more sooooothing, relaaaaaxing color. :)

Here's a fun library-themed (but not Koha-specific) persona: http://www.getpersonas.com/en-US/persona/363776

That's super-cool! I hadn't looked at personas yet, much less given any thought to how they could be customized. The custom ones you created are a nice way to easily distinguish between profiles.

This is one of the best tips yet! I've implemented it on the computer I use the most and I can't wait for the other staff to see the difference it makes. Thanks!

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