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Backing up your bookmarks

Xmarks I wanted a way to access bookmarks that I created on one of my PCs to another PC in my house and at work without saving them to a flash drive and transferring them that way.  I found Xmarks formerly "Foxmarks" and it does the job quite nicely. I installed it as a Firefox add-on and uploaded my bookmarks to the Xmarks server. It also works with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. You do have to create an account to sync and access your bookmarks. Now I can access my bookmarks on any PC with an internet connection. Jon Mark wrote about the Demise of Delicious. This could be used as an alternative; it has a Delicious import feature. I also like that I can create profiles for work, home and my smart phone while keeping those separate from one another. It also makes a great backup tool for your bookmarks so if you have to have your operating system re-installed you can quickly re-load your bookmarks.


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Thank you for sharing this post! I've been planning on transferring my bookmarked files from my brother's desktop computer to my laptop, but the only way I know how to transfer a file is with the use of flash drive. When my brother gets home, I'll ask him to download the Xmark Add on my laptop.

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