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Use the WPLC Support Request Form for OverDrive Support

WPLClogo A librarian recently asked me, "Do you have any advice on when to advise a patron to fill out a WPLC OverDrive Support Request form vs. having them ask us and then we ask you?"

Here's how I answered: Librarians and patrons can use the WPLC OverDrive Support Request form for questions about the Digital Download Center anytime the patron is comfortable with email follow-up and the question does not require an immediate answer or access to the library's patron records (e.g. Dynix).

In the past, WPLC support would forward all questions submitted via the form to the appropriate library system contact (for SCLS, that's me), so it was a time-saver to skip the form and send questions directly to me. Now WPLC is providing an added layer of assistance: WPLC support will reply directly to patrons to help solve the problem and only refer questions to the appropriate library system contact if patron record information is needed. Thanks, WPLC!

Here are some scenarios that can't be handled efficiently with the WPLC form:

  • I get an invalid barcode error when I try to log into my account in the Digital Download Center; why is my barcode invalid? (WPLC support can provide common reasons for invalid barcode errors, but pinpointing the exact reason may require access to the library's patron records.)
  • I got a new library card, and now I can't access my OverDrive holds. Can you move them to my new library card number? (WPLC support can resolve this problem if both the old and new barcode numbers are provided; they just can't access the library's patron records to look up the correct barcode numbers.)
  • Can I download audiobooks/ebooks at the library and transfer them to my device?
  • I don't think I could explain the problem via email and really need someone to call me back.
  • I'm a librarian, and I need some advice to answer a patron's question, and I'd like to be able to provide an answer ASAP (before the patron leaves the library)!

To recap:

  1. Libraries are still the first line of support.
  2. If it makes sense to use the WPLC OverDrive Support Request form, submit a request.
  3. If using the form won't help the patron, please let me know (or, for readers outside South Central Library System, please contact your library system).


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